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Will be available in 14 days.

You are undergoing training to become the successor of a Master Conjurer, but the only problem is that the Master Conjurer has a major Dragon's Dust addiction and spends most of their days higher than the mountains of Mar' Hollok. This leaves you solely responsible for your own training while also having to conjure up the creatures that eager customers come to your Master’s shop seeking. Long story short, you miscast spells a lot and end up conjuring a wide assortment of weird and fantastical monsters.

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Release date in 14 days
AuthorOstium Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsgm-tools, Magic, monster-manual, Monsters, spell-casting, ttrpg


Will be available in 14 days.
Miscast game place holder.png 542 kB

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